Vote on Green Lane Intersection Treatments

Montreal(by far the cheapest)IntersectionMontreal

New York City: (Restricting green paint to between intersections allows for use of less durable anti-skid acrylic resin instead of thermoplastic = cheaper. Two product examples are Color-Safe® from Transpo Industries and Ride-A-Way™ from Ennis Flint.)IntersectionNYC Chicago / Vancouver, BC: (Pre-formed thermoplastic in high-conflict areas = moderately expensive.)IntersectionChicago

Austin, TX (Bluebonnet Lane): (Pre-formed thermoplastic = moderately expensive.)IntersectionBluebonnetSeattle: (Pre-formed thermoplastic = moderately expensive.)IntersectionSeattle

San Francisco / Federal Highway Administration Interim Approval: (acrylic coating between intersections; thermoplastic in intersections = most expensive.)IntersectionFHWA

(renderings produced by Brian Tang for Elm City Cycling)

Cycle Tracks!!!

With our new mayoral administration calling for low-cost, on-street cycle tracks separated from traffic with plastic delineator tubes (aka Green Lanes), we at Elm City Cycling are taking the opportunity to imagine what the next three years of investments in bicycle infrastructure might yield.NearTermBikePlan-Map-01

We envision a seamless combination of two-way cycle tracks, bike lanes, and shared streets marked with both shared lane markings (sharrows) and R4-11 “[bicycles] may use full lane” signs.