Vote on Green Lane Intersection Treatments

Montreal(by far the cheapest)IntersectionMontreal

New York City: (Restricting green paint to between intersections allows for use of less durable anti-skid acrylic resin instead of thermoplastic = cheaper. Two product examples are Color-Safe® from Transpo Industries and Ride-A-Way™ from Ennis Flint.)IntersectionNYC Chicago / Vancouver, BC: (Pre-formed thermoplastic in high-conflict areas = moderately expensive.)IntersectionChicago

Austin, TX (Bluebonnet Lane): (Pre-formed thermoplastic = moderately expensive.)IntersectionBluebonnetSeattle: (Pre-formed thermoplastic = moderately expensive.)IntersectionSeattle

San Francisco / Federal Highway Administration Interim Approval: (acrylic coating between intersections; thermoplastic in intersections = most expensive.)IntersectionFHWA

(renderings produced by Brian Tang for Elm City Cycling)