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mail: P.O. Box 206582 New Haven, CT 06520-6582

6 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. I am with the Merritt Parkway Trail Alliance. We are working to develop a multi-use trail along the Parkway. Currently the DOT is exploring the feasibility of the trail. From time to time we produce an article on the progress of the effort.
    May we include you on our distribution list?

  2. How can a person register for the Century Ride 2013 other than online? (And I can’t even bring up that site right now!)


  3. I’m new to New Haven, and just purchased a bike. I understand that there’s a way to get a free rear light through some organization in town, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Would you be able to help me out?


  4. Hi there,
    We run a campaign called “Get a light” around the daylight savings time switch each year in which we hand out coupons for 10% off lights at several local bike shops. We do hand out little blinky lights but they’re really just a reminder. Maybe that’s what you heard about. I’m not aware of an organization that gives out a free rear light, though. Connecticut state law requires a front white light and a rear reflector, not a rear light, but we certainly recommend them.

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