International Festival of Arts and Ideas 2015 Bike Tours

All rides begin at the Information Booth on the Green
Open to all / Helmets required

Saturday 13 June
9 am East Coast Greenway/Farmington Canal Trail North
Travel north on the trail to the Lock 12 Museum and Station Master’s House.  Tour lead by a representative from the East Coast Greenway.

2 pm Strawberry Festival
Hindinger Farm for the annual festival of strawberries.

Sunday 14 June
9 am Green Initiatives
Renewable Energy in the Elm City.

2 pm 1779 British Invasion
Spend Flag Day exploring the sites of the battle of New Haven.

Wednesday 17 June
5:30 pm New Haven Parks
Explore a variety of parks in New Haven, including the smallest park.  Ride to ice cream.

Saturday 20 June
9 am East Coast Greenway South
To Silver Sands Beach in Milford. Tour lead by a representative from the East Coast Greenway.

2 pm New Haven Firsts
Things we did here first.  Not just for lollipop lovers, this tour will surprise even the most savvy New Havener.

Sunday 21 June
9 am Gardens & Greenspaces
Best of the New Haven Land Trust and their partners.

2 pm 4,000 Years of New Haven Arhitecture
Sponsored and lead by Chris Wigren from the Preservation Trust.

Wednesday 24 June
5:30 pm Shoreline Greenway Trail
Ride the trail, and explore the plans to connect New Haven to the Shoreline.  End with ice cream, of course.

Saturday 27 June
9 am Parks & Waterways
Quinnipiac River and daily life along the waterway.

2 pm 7 Sister Cities Mystery Tour
New Haven’s attache has gone missing.  Locate our delegate, learn about our 7 sister cities, and win prizes.


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Join Our Team!

The annual Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride is coming up on April 28th, 2018. Rock to Rock is a fundraising event benefiting more than two dozen local organizations focused on environmental sustainability in various forms. Elm City Cycling has been an integral part of Rock to Rock from the beginning. In addition to helping organize the ride guides, we are proud to step up to be a ‘Rock Solid’ sponsor.

For its tenth edition, Rock to Rock has some new plans in store including:

  • A new 5-mile family parade route, complete with banners, floats, and more.
  • A special 10th Anniversary Bonus Fund — created by MFUNd with support from Faxon Law Group — adding $10 for every $50 donated or raised.
  • Better-than-ever rest stops, routes, and support for the riders.
  • A call to action to create a just & healthy climate, from Rock to Rock.

Please consider joining the Elm City Cycling team, as either a rider or a volunteer, and directing a portion of your pledged funds to help support our mission to make greater New Haven friendlier, safer, and more accessible to pedestrians and people on bikes.

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